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Maximizing the Impact of Internet of Things (IOT) in Oil and Gas Industry

Satyam Priyadarshy Halliburton Brighttalk Webinar

Oil and gas industry remains one of those industries that can benefit significantly from the use of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoTs), due to the complexity of operations, high-risk profile, highly regulated environment, and dynamic global environmental challenges.

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Role of Data Analytics in Latest Technologies

Data and data analytics play a significant role in ensuring that latest technologies directly contribute to the bottom line of companies. A technology for technology’s sake has no relevance unless it provides a sustainable advantage to corporations by increasing revenues, reducing costs, or improving productivity.

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A 3 step Framework for a Product Manager to Prioritize in a Complex Ecosystem

Sundar Balasubramanian Intuit Product Manager Brighttalk Webinar

From an early stage product to a mature product a Product Manager relies a prioritization framework that depends on the factors such as maturity of the product, organization and competitive environment to balance short-term and long-term objectives.

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Educate The Next Generation


Paul Mario Koola Texas A&M University

How should we educate the next generation? Is a mass-produced conveyor belt model of K-12 the best way to teach the next generation? What is a flipped classroom model? In this day and age of information explosion and limited brain capacity, how should we learn? Does education stop with a degree? Please join in and help shape our future generations. Dr. Paul Mario Koola will walk you through how humans have dominated our planet by sharing knowledge amongst ourselves and across generations thereby becoming the most dominant species on this planet leading to the Anthropocene age.

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Customer Success is a Corporate Responsibility


Shreesha Ramdas Strikedeck Brighttalk Webinar

Customer success isn’t just about a title, department, or jumping into an account manager role. It is a lifestyle. It should flow through the veins, and ooze out every pore. From the external, it appears that it comes from jumping on top of tasks and engaging with customers, but true CSM’s feed their entire lives not just into their assigned customers or company customers, but every customer that they have an interaction with.

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Going Solar – From Commercial to Residential


Mux Narasimhan Playsolar Brighttalk Webinar

Solar energy will be the single largest source of power by 2050, with about 30% of total power consumed worldwide expected to come from it (per IEA). That’s really something, given that right now the corresponding number is just above 1%.

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence


Rajkumar Vaidyanathan noodle AI brightalk Webinar

Enterprises are a complex ecosystem where multiple business entities interact in highly non-linear and iterative fashion often resulting in operational chaos. Human stakeholders tend to make decisions based on intuition and limited perspective.

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Blockchain — Algorithms and Data Structures


Shiva Kintali Blockchain Brighttalk Webinar

Dr. Shiva Kintali will take you into the intriguing world of indispensable concepts of algorithms and data structures, cryptographic hash functions, digital signatures, hash pointers, Merkle trees and many other technologies that are used in making the blockchain a reality.
Join us for this technical deep dive and get all of your blockchain questions answered!

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