Thought Leaders

Dr. Shiva Kintali

Dr. Shiva Kintali is the Founder & CEO of TrueShelf Inc. Under his leadership, TrueShelf Inc released two platforms (1), a Blockchain powered digital certificates platform and (2), an AI powered adaptive learning platform. Before starting TrueShelf Inc, he taught in the Computer Science department of Princeton University for four years.


Rajkumar Vaidyanathan

  • 16+ years of educational and professional experience in R&D and Analytics across various domains such as aerospace, automotive, insurance/financial, retail, quality, etc.
  • Ph.D. with specialization in Multi-Objective Design Optimization involving advanced statistical, optimization and machine learning techniques
  • Experienced in data-mining, statistical, predictive modeling and big data analytics
  • Experienced in building teams, partnering with global business stakeholders and technology teams to drive data analytics/science initiatives
  • Experienced in driving projects across R&D teams and consulting/delivery teams
  • Experienced in people management/team management

Mux Narasimhan

Mux Narasimhan, is the CEO of PlaySolar, an early stage Angel Funded start-up registered in Bengaluru, India focusing in the Renewable Energy Sector.

Shreesha Ramdas

Shreeshas Ramdas, is the CEO of Strikedeck, the fastest and the most connectable Customer Success platform. He is an entrepreneurial executive with a track record of launching and growing products in competitive markets.

Dr. Paul Mario Koola

Dr. Paul Mario Koola, is the Professor of Practice at Texas A&M University with Research Interests in

  • Applications of systems engineering, machine learning and AI targeted to the marine domain including novel ocean infrastructure
  • Smart Energy Absorbing Structures (SEAS)
  • Energy stations at sea
  • Ocean renewable energy powered autonomous exploration vehicles
  • Marine Cyber Security

Sundar Balasubramanian

Sundar is the Director of Product Management for the QuickBooks Desktop ecosystem that serves small businesses in the US, CA and UK. He leads a rockstar product managers who build awesome products through customer obsession and best practices in building customer empathy remotely from India. Sundar has several years of experience in product management, strategy and business development from across US, UK and India as VP Products at Lumata (now Evolving Systems), Product Director at British Telecom in the UK and consultant/PM at i2(now JDA). He holds an MBA from INSEAD, Masters from U. Maryland at College Park and B.Tech from IIT Madras.

Ramesh Dontha

Ramesh Dontha

Ramesh Dontha is Managing Partner and Editor-In-Chief at Digital Transformation Pro, a management consulting and training organization focusing on Big Data, Data Strategy, Data Analytics, Data Governance/Quality and related Data management practices for applications in Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things and other related areas. For more than 15 years, Ramesh has put together successful strategies and implementation plans to meet/exceed business objectives and deliver business value. His personal passion is to demystify the intricacies of data related technologies and latest technology trends and make them applicable to business strategies and objectives. Ramesh can either be reached on LinkedIn or Twitter (@rkdontha1)

Satyam Priyadarshy Halliburton

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy is a pioneer in the fields of data science, big data, analytics, and emerging technologies. Dr. Priyadarshy is the first Chief Data Scientist of Oil and Gas Industry. In September 2016, Smart Industry ( named Dr. Priyadarshy as one of key innovators on the leading edge of digital transformation. Dr. Priyadarshy is a globally recognized leader with a breadth of scientific knowledge, in-depth technology experience, and extensive business acumen. He holds various academic positions at Oklahoma State University, George Mason University. Dr. Priyadarshy has appeared as keynote speaker at several international conferences and has written, co-authored, presented and published numerous research papers in peer-reviewed journals and magazines. He has held various leadership positions in AOL, Network Solutions, Acxiom Corporation before joining Halliburton. He has co-founded few startups in DC and Silicon Valley and is an advisory board member of few startups in Healthcare, Retail, Finance and Analytics domain. Agenda Week of The Financial Times listed Dr. Priyadarshy as one of the potential board candidates with emerging technology and analytics expertise. His profile has appeared in many magazines including Chemical and Engineering News, The Scientist, Silicon India, Oil Review Middle East, Petroleum Review, RigZone among others. He has published over 35 papers and articles including an expert opinion in magazines like Science. Dr. Priyadarshy obtained his Ph.D. from IIT Bombay and MBA from The Pamplin School of Business, Virginia Tech